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San Miguel de Allende

Parroquia  de San Miquel Arcangel

Regarded as the symbol of San Miguel, this pastel pink and orange neo-Gothic confection dates from the late 19th century and is shave been built by an indigenous stonemason with no formal architectural training who based his design on picture postcards of European cathedrals. The Parroquia, however, is not a cathedral but a parish church and is the focus of many of the town's many fiestas. The current church replaces one that has stood on this site since at least the 1680s. The interior is eclectic in style and the most famous image is that of the Lord of the Conquest, fashioned from corn, bulbs and other natural materials.  The Parroquia's renovation prevented many from seeing it in its glory, when visiting San Miguel, do stop in to see its beauty, it is really the heart of San Miguel.

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